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Loslitdag/Casual Day 2012

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Departement Antieke Studie “Kom aan Boord” vir Loslitdag 2012!

Department of Ancient Studies “Get on Board” for Casual Day 2012!

“Antieke” Seerowers! / “Ancient” Pirates!

Muitery! / Mutiny!

Seëvierende Seerowers! / Conquering Pirates!

New Professor Extraordinaire at Ancient Studies

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Ancient Studies is honoured to have a new professor extraordinaire in its midst. Prof Grant Parker of Stanford University, USA, was born in the Cape and studied at UCT from 1985 to 1991. He completed his PhD at Princeton University, USA, on Luxury and Austerity: India in the Roman imperial imagination in 1999.

He first worked at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa from 1989-1991 and then at various universities in the USA: University of Michigan (1999-2001) and Duke University (2001-2006). He has been at Stanford University since 2006 where he is an associate professor of Classics and director of Graduate Studies. He teaches mostly Latin, as well as topics linked to the exotic and geographic elements of Roman imperial culture.

Amongst his many academic accomplishments he has written the following books: The Agony of Asar: a thesis on slavery by the former slave, Jacobus Eliza Johannes Capitein, 1717-1747 (2001) and The Making of Roman India (2008). Currently he is working on ancient travel literature, Rome’s Egyptian obelisks and classical heritage in South Africa. His newly edited volume, South Africa, Greece and Rome: Classical Confrontations, has just been accepted for publication by Cambridge University Press, a project on which emeritus professor Jo-Marie Claassen and Dr Samantha Masters, both of the department, are also contributors.

During his July and August visit to the Department of Ancient Studies, Prof Parker presented two papers. The first was a paper at the department’s research seminar entitled “Alexander between India and Italy” and the second presented findings on various instances of classical heritage in South Africa from the ongoing heritage project.

Mr Donovan Jordaan, Prof Grant Parker, Prof Sakkie Cornelius and Dr Annemaré Kotzé