New Book on “De Mundo”

Text, Translation and Interpretative Essays


Prof Johan Thom of Ancient Studies is the editor of Cosmic Order and Divine Power: Pseudo-Aristotle, On the Cosmos (Mohr Siebeck, 2014) which contains a Greek text and translation of De mundo (On the Cosmos) as well as interpretive essays on the language and style, geography, cosmotheology and the reception in or possible influence of De mundo in various intellectual traditions. The treatise De mundo, dated around the 1st century BCE, offers a cosmology in the Peripatetic tradition which draws also on Platonic and Stoic thought and subordinates what happens in the cosmos to the might of an omnipotent god. Thus the work is paradigmatic for the philosophical and religious concepts of the early imperial age, which offer points of contact with nascent Christianity. In line with the aims of the SAPERE series, this volume on De mundo is explicitly interdisciplinary by nature, bringing together contributions from scholars from a broad spectrum of disciplines and specialisations which focus on specific topics, each from its own disciplinary perspective. See here for more.

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