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STIAS lesing/lecture: Prof Salima Ikram

Thursday, October 30th, 2014



U word vriendelik uitgenooi na die sesde openbare STIAS lesing van 2014. Die geleentheid bied aan akademici, navorsers en studente van die US en in die Wes-Kaap, sowel as belangstellendes vanuit die publiek, die kans om meer te wete te kom oor STIAS genote en assosiate se werksaamhede.

By hierdie geleentheid sal professor Salima Ikram

Professor in Egiptologie aan die  Amerikaanse Universiteit in Kaïro

en STIAS genoot ‘n aanbieding gee met die titel:


‘May They Live Forever: Ancient Egyptian Mummies’


You are cordially invited to attend the sixth public STIAS lecture of 2014. This presents an opportunity to academics, researchers and students at SU and in the Western Cape, as well as members of the public, to learn more about the work of STIAS fellows and associates.

On this occasion Professor Salima Ikram

Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo

and STIAS fellow will present a talk with the title:


May They Live Forever: Ancient Egyptian Mummies



Ancient Egyptian mummies have gripped the popular imagination from early times. Mummies have been regarded as immortals, a source of medicine, terrifying monsters, and objects of curiosity. Now they are regarded as an invaluable source of information of funerary beliefs, technology, ancient diet, and the health of the ancient Egyptians. This lecture explores the history of mummies from their inception, into their most recent incarnations in Egypt.  The evolving details of mummification over time will be explained, with attention paid to methods of wrapping and the jewellery and amulets included within the wrappings. The talk will also summarize the ways in which scholars now use their analysis of mummies in order to elucidate the history, economy, culture, and religion of ancient Egypt.

Datum Woensdag 12 November 2014
Tyd 13:00
Plek JC de Wet lesingsaal, Ou Hoofgebou 1023 – Ryneveld Straat, Universiteit Stellenbosch

Ons sien daarna uit om u by hierdie geleentheid te verwelkom  –  moet dit nie misloop nie! Vir meer inligting kontak vir Felicia McDonald by 021 808 2581 of

Date Wednesday 12 November 2014
Time 13:00
Place JC de Wet lecture hall, Ou Hoofgebou 1023 – Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch University

We look forward to welcoming you at this event  –  not to be missed!

For more information, contact Felicia McDonald at 021 808 2581 or

Dr. Salima Ikram is Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, and has worked in Egypt since 1986. She has lived in Pakistan, the US, UK and Egypt. After double majoring in History as well as Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology at Bryn Mawr College (USA), she received her M. Phil. (in Museology and Egyptian Archaeology) and Ph.D. (in Egyptian archaeology) from Cambridge University. She has directed the Animal Mummy Project, co-directed the Predynastic Gallery project, and is Director of the North Kharga Oasis Darb Ain Amur Survey.

Dr. Ikram has worked on several excavations in Egypt as well as in the Sudan, Greece, and Turkey. Her research interests include death, daily life, archaeozoology, ethnoarchaeology, rock art, experimental archaeology, and the preservation and presentation of cultural heritage. She has lectured on these and other subjects all over the world. Dr. Ikram has written several books (for adults and children) and articles, with subject matters ranging from mummification to the eating habits of the ancient Egyptians. She has also appeared on television.

Studentepryse/Student Prizes 2013

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Akademiese Prestasie/Academic Achievement 2013

Pryse vir die beste akademiese prestasie in 2013 is op 23 Oktober aan studente toegeken.

Prizes for the best academic achievement in 2013 were awarded to students on 23 October.


Die pryswenners/The prize winners: Mej./Miss Celia Brink (Latyn/Latin 2), Mej./Miss Janie Slabbert (Grieks/Greek 2), Mej./Miss Cornelia de Milander (Bybelse Hebreeus/Biblical Hebrew 2), Mej./Miss Gabriele Kuchenbecker (Bybelse Hebreeus/Biblical Hebrew 3), Mej./Miss Ameline Holdstock (Latyn/Latin 2), Mnr./Mr Kirk Hill (Antieke Kulture/Ancient Cultures 3), Mej./Miss Alecia Erasmus (Latyn/Latin 3), Prof. Johan Thom (Voorsitter/Chair), Prof. Christine Anthonissen (Visedekaan: Tale & Taalwetenskap/Vice-Dean: Languages & Linguistics)

Charles Fensham-Gedenklesing 2014

Monday, October 27th, 2014

“Griekse Drama in die Moderne Wêreld”

Dr. Betine van Zyl Smit

Dr. Betine van Zyl Smit

Dr. Betine van Zyl Smit en Prof. Johan Thom (Voorsitter: Departement Antieke Studie)

Dr. Betine van Zyl Smit en Prof. Johan Thom (Voorsitter: Departement Antieke Studie)

Die Charles Fensham-gedenklesing is vanjaar op 21 Oktober deur dr. Betine van Zyl Smit van die Universiteit van Nottingham gelewer. Die onderwerp van die lesing was “Griekse Drama in die Moderne Wêreld”. Dr. Van Zyl Smit het die resepsie van 3 antieke Griekse dramas deur onderskeidelik Seneca, Aristophanes en Sophokles in moderne drama bespreek. Sy het getoon hoe universeel en tydloos die temas van die Griekse dramas was en hoe moderne dramaturge en gehore nogsteeds deur antieke drama geïnspireer en betower word.

Talk on Classical Antiquities

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014