Dear SANLiC Members,

The SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle PhysicsProject) is an international initiative which aims to facilitate Open Access publishing in High Energy Physics by redirecting subscription fees.

SCOAP3 is a consortium of:
• High-Energy Physics funding agencies
• High-Energy Physics laboratories
• Leading national and international libraries and library consortia.

At present, libraries (and their funding bodies) pay for journal subscriptions to support the peer-review service and allow their patrons to read articles.
In the SCOAP3 funding model, libraries, library consortia, research institutions and funding agencies will re-direct, on a national basis, resources currently used to subscribe to journal content to directly pay for the peer-review service through established high-quality journals, whose content will become Open Access. Each country will contribute in proportion to its contributions to the literature of the field.

SCOAP3 would like to identify a “National Contact point” for South Africa to to take responsibility for organizing the redirecting of the library subscription money in South Africa to the SCOAP3 consortium. It has been suggested that SANLiC could possibly be this national contact point.
Dr Ralf Schimmer from the Max Planck Digital Library, will be at the Berlin10 Open Access Conference in Stellenbosch in November 2012. He is closely involved in the project and would like to have a discussion with SANLiC and interested South African libraries about South Africa’s participation in SCOAP3.

Important: If you, or any members of your staff are attending the Berlin10 Open Access Conference and your institution is on the list of institutions that publish in high energy physics journals, we would like to invite (strongly urge ) you to attend a meeting with Dr Schimmer at 17h00-18h00 on 8 November. This is immediately after the end of the Conference. (The meeting is open to anyone interested in the SCOAP3 project not just those on the list).
I would be grateful if you could advise me as soon as possible if someone from your institution will be attending the SCOAP3 meeting.

Best regards

SANLiC Manager
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fax2email : 086-570-9679
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