Overview & Objectives

Complexity theory has established itself internationally over the last two decades as a discipline of central importance. It engages in groundbreaking ways with central problems in the human and natural sciences. At present the discipline itself is differentiating in a number of ways and there is vigorous debate about its implications in several fields, including social science, organisational studies, physics, biology, computer science, health sciences and legal studies.

The Centre for Studies in Complexity (CSC) is an interdisciplinary research and training centre of Stellenbosch University that studies complex phenomena and draws together researchers and practitioners interested in complexity. The CSC provides the institutional framework and infrastructure for engaging with complexity systematically and in depth. Core activities of the Centre include the development and dissemination of knowledge. Through its outputs the Centre contributes to a wide array of disciplines and serve to integrate these disciplines on a theoretical level.

Hope Project Interview with the CSC

The CSC has been chosen to be one of the official initiatives of Stellenbosch University’s HOPE Project. Watch an Interview to learn more about the centre’s activities: