SABC South African Broadcasting Company  
safari suit Very practical but often ridiculed shirtless “suit”, made of a light fabric,  open-collared and short sleeved. In South Africa, it is the stereotypical clothing of a stereotypical conservative (often Afrikaans) male, usually worn with shoes and long socks (with a comb pushed into the sock). Nevertheless, it makes a lot more sense than a suit and tie in the African climate and elsewhere in Africa, black businessmen often wear it without any image concern.
sangoma witchdoctor  sangoma
sarmie / sarmy sandwich
shame / Ag shame a word used as a punctuation in South Africa, usually denoting empathy, commiseration, endearment
Sharks KwaZulu-Natal rugby team
sharp cool (lekker)
sheba typical sauce with tomatoes, onions, sometimes meat and chili, served with pap.
shebeen Township pub.
Shrien Dewani Infamous case of Indian forced into marriage who had his young wife murdered in an apparent hi-jacking.
sies! Exclamation of disgust.
skelm Crook or thief.
skorokoro battered car
slap chips potato chips (fried but not crispy!) usually eaten with salt and vinegar
slapgat Lazy
soapie Sitcom / soap opera
Spoornet South African railways
Sprinbokke / Spingboks National rugby team
Stormers / WP Western Cape rugby team
stukkie Girlfriend
Sunnyside urban area of Pretoria, perceived as “dangerous”

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