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3 Feb

This website contains information about the activities of EcoMaties in 2010 – 2011.

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7 Apr


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Sustainable Voices talk – Jaco du Toit

24 Aug

Sustainable Voices Talk – Malcolm Worby

18 Aug

Join EcoMaties for a talk by eco architect Malcolm Worby as he shares his approach to the built environment. South Africa’s flawed approach to the provision of housing and our addiction to building with cement or fired brick emphasizes the need to find alternatives. Malcolm builds with adobe mud bricks, and has proven why it makes sense for building low-cost structures. We do not think enough about how we create the built environment around us. This talk is open to all students and staff, and should be enlightening no matter what one’s interests are.

Sustainable Voices Talk – Graham Lewis

15 Aug

Gasland Free Film Screening

15 Aug

Gasland is a film about fracking, also know as hydraulic fracturing. This destructive method of extracting natural gas from the Earth has been used across the USA with devastating effects. Gasland is a film by Josh Fox that received a Special Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Shell has shown great interest in fracking in the Karoo. Should they go ahead in a reckless attempt to benefit few, the water resources of the fragile Karoo environment are likely to be damaged beyond repair. Be sure to join us for this free screening to learn more about what could end up happening in our own backyard. Watch the trailer for more information on the film.

Free Film Screening – Manufactured Landscapes

4 May

Join us for a free film screening of Manufactured Landscapes, the award winning documentary based on the photographic work of TED Prize winner Edward Burtynsky. We highly recommend you watch this film. Watch the trailer below if you’re not convinced. The screening is free for anyone to attend. Seats are available on a first come first serve basis.

Sustainable Voices Talk – Dave Pepler

18 Apr

Join Us For Happy Thursday

7 Apr

Visit the Facebook event page to stay informed and to invite friends.

Sustainable Voices Talk – Prof. Eugene Cloete

1 Apr

Don’t miss our first Sustainable Voices talk of the year. Dean of Science, Professor Eugene Cloete, will be speaking about the role of innovation in solving the water crises faced by the world. Many experts believe future wars will be fought due to water scarcity. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by humanity, with over 1 billion people worldwide not having access to clean drinking water.

Professor Cloete has received major recognition worldwide for his invention of an affordable teabag-like water filter that can be placed in a water bottle. This talk is not to be missed.