We have managed to secure a special deal on wireless dual band USB adapters for students with slow 2.4GHz wireless connections on their laptops

These wireless dual band USB adapter’s give students with old and slow wireless the ability to access the high-speed 5GHz connections. These devices plug into the USB slot of Windows laptops and convert the old slow 2.4GHz wireless into the fast 5GHz wireless that all Apple laptops and iPads and expensive new laptops have. This will solve many of the problems with lost or slow connections in BYOD exams.

Student and Private purchases

If you want to buy a wireless dual band USB adapter, we do have very limited stock. Call us or e-mail first to check if we have stock. Then just go to the cashiers on the 1st Floor of the Clinical Building, specify that you want to purchase  a TP-Link AC600 Wireless Dual Band USB adapter and pay in the amount in cash. (Unfortunately we cannot put the adapters on student accounts.) Bring the receipt to the GERGA office and collect your Wireless USB Adapter.

Department orders

Cashiers should pay the money into R7514, using the 003 Project (OE6427)

The price listed above will be kept at that level for as long as possible, but fluctuating exchange rates might result in the prices changing at short notice.