Problems with SUNLearn Access from home?

Here is a short summary from SUNLearn Support of some of the things you can do before you log a call with the HELPDESK:

A short tutorial video has also been created and placed on YouTube to help you.

Test the Single Sign On login.

First, open the link

Then, open the link

Clear your browser cache

While having your browser open, press the Ctrl+Shift+Del keys on your keyboard.

The window that opens will show Clear browsing data or Clear all history.

If you are using Google Chrome, ensure to select the Advanced tab, not just the Basic tab.

Next to the Time range, select Everything, All Time or The Beginning of Time.

Select all check boxes listed (in Firefox, select the check boxes under both History and Data).

Click Clear, Clear Now or Clear Data.

Wait for the browser to finish clearing. Once finished, close the browser completely, including any other sessions that may have been open at the time.

Test the Single Sign On login.

Open this link again.

If you receive an error now, please take a screenshot and log the call and screenshot at

Log in again

Try to log in at

Change password

If you still cannot log in, even after did not give any errors, go to

Click on Change current password and try to give yourself a new password.

If you cannot log in at Change Current Password, click on Forgot Password? and go through the steps to give yourself a new password.

Once successful, close the browser, wait at least 5 minutes, open your browser and try to log in at

Preventing the issue from reoccurring

Once you have successfully logged in at, do not leave the browser to log you out automatically (i.e. do not leave a SUNLearn session unattended for more than an hour). Rather close the browser or click your profile picture at the top right of the screen and click Log out to end your session.

When your session expires you will experience problems to log in again and will have to repeat the Single Sign On steps above.