GERGA hasn’t always been so modern and well-equipped. In the beginning (late 1980s) GERGA was a small room behind the library with 5 IBM XT computers.

Later in 1995 GERGA moved to its current location, and the PC numbers grew to 20. When I began working there in May 1997, things were a lot less comfortable than they are now. For instance; no air-conditioning, 30 computers shared between 1800 students, a slow network and server too!

I discovered a pack of photos that I took back in 1998. You will see how far we have come since then:

GERGA c.1997

The original “Open Area 1” with the manager’s cubicle in the corner.

GERGA c. 1997

Another photo of the original Open Area 1 again – note the lack of PCs and the old ceiling fans!

GERGA c. 1997

The old classroom (now the Study Centre) with 10 computers, an overhead projector and one of the first data projectors at the university!

GERGA c. 1997

The manager’s cubicle – barely enough space for one person and a PC “borrowed” from the Open Area 1.

GERGA c. 1997

GERGA’s first scanner and colour printer –  early 1998!