We have created some tutorial videos to help you learn all about how to do certain things in GERGA etc.

How to open “Incognito” Mode in Google Chrome

How to open a Private Window in Firefox

How to open a private window in the Brave browser

How to open an InPrivate window in the Microsoft Edge browser

Reporting phishing and spam e-mails

Single Sign-on: If you have problems logging into SUNLearn from home

Reporting phishing and spam e-mails

Creating better PDFs for SafeCom printing

How to access GERGA’s Calendars in Outlook

Managing spam with Outlook’s Junk E-Mail Options

How to change your password

How to load printing credits

How to print out your documents on Safecom

How to print in colour with Safecom

How to load Internet credits

How to access the Internet

How to access SUNLearn

How to access the Podcast server

Managing Safecom Printing Jobs

Switching off Duplex Printing with Safecom

“Out of Office” Wizard for Webmail and Outlook

Creating secure passwords

Google “Search by Image”

Accessing GERGA’s bookings