BD FACS Calibur


The BD FACSCalibur system can quickly perform routine tasks including immunophenotyping, absolute counting, residual white blood cell enumeration, stem cell analysis and DNA analysis. The machine is equipped with 2 Laser (488 and 633nm), which can measure up to 4 fluorescent parameter. One machine is equipped with a BD FACS Loader whereas the other machine has a High Throughput System (HTS). With the BD FACS Loader option, the BD FACSCalibur system provides walkaway automation for routine and clinical applications. Featuring removable 40-tube carousels, on-board mixing, and BD™ Worklist Manager software, the BD FACS Loader option offers unsurpassed flexibility to efficiently address the workflow demands. The HTS option provides rapid, fully automated sample acquisition and can process a 96-well plate in fewer than 15 minutes. It supports a wide range of research applications and is compatible with 96-well U, V, and flat-bottom plates as well as 384-well microtiter plates.

For instrument specifics, please click here Specification sheet BD FACSCalibur. For bookings or more information contact Mrs Andrea Gutschmidt.