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Food for the Next Generation

The Food Security Initiative contributes to the emergence of a resilient, sustainable food system for Southern Africa, by reconceptualising the food security challenge, and creating new models of practice in the food system, through the integration of findings from in depth research on key issues in the food value chain, collaboration across disciplinary boundaries, capacity building and systematic impact assessment. The three key focus areas of the initiative are:

1)      Sustainable production for safe and nutritious food

2)      Utilisation of safe and nutritious food

3)      Post-harvest optimization

The Food Security Initiative April 2014 Newsletter

See the April newsletter below for updates on the new Center for Excellence and other exciting developments in the food security research arena.

FSI April Newsletter

March 2013 Food Security Initiative Newsletter

FSI newsletter_March 2013


For all previous presentations please refer to the ‘archive’ page. This page serves as a resource of all previous presentations including those from Symposiums.


HOPE Project at the University of Stellenbosch

The Food Security Initiative is part of the HOPE Project at the University of Stellenbosch, see or

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