The annual “PC Skills” is an assessment that all 1st year health science students complete during orientation and has provided lectures and training personnel at Tygerberg with concrete data to measure the computer literacy levels of the new students.

GERGA in association is looking at improving the current assessment environment and “testing via simulation” has been suggested as a possible way forward.

In theory an assessment environment that simulates common software applications is an ideal and logical method to investigate a student’s abilities with various computer applications.

Assessments that utilize only one brand or model of software would be severely limited, as there is no standard for any common software applications, such as word processors, spreadsheets, or databases. However is cleverly designed and presented, the broader principles and processes (flowchart) that apply to all applications common to a particular need (like word processing) can be used.

Bytes People in Johannesburg have provided a link to a new simulation-based assessment that they are building using the Questionmark Perception software and Adobe Captivate. This course content is being developed for the University of Pretoria.

Flash Simulation

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Password: password

We are all very excited about what is possible with Questionmark Perception for creating simulations. Take a look…

David Wiles