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E-waste programme still going strong

The IT Division’s e-waste programme continues to quietly do the right thing behind the scenes.

During the period July 2012 to April 2013, Cape e-Waste Recyclers, our e-waste contractors, removed the following items from the on-campus e-waste depot for responsible disposal and recycling:

  • 325 Computers
  • 162 Printers and Scanners
  • 269 Monitors
  • 3 boxes of general e-waste.

Remember, if you have any e-waste lying around at home or in your office, contact us and we’ll help you to get rid of it without harming the environment.

The procedures by which IT assets should be decommissioned and placed into the e-waste stream are detailed on the IT Help wiki: e-Waste Procedures.


One Response to “E-waste programme still going strong”

  1. Delena says:

    Is al hierdie e-waste gebreukte toestelle?


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