Record amount of calls for IT Service Desk

Few jobs are as ungrateful as working at any kind of service desk – throw technology into the mix and it’s even worse! Just remember how you feel by the time you call the IT Service Desk with your problem. Even before you pick up the phone your frustration levels are peaking. 

In the late 90’s I also had a stint at the IT Service Desk – back then only four people weeded out the whole campus’ tech problems. Nowadays the team consists of eight people, but technological demands also expanded. 

Luckily mine was a brief experience, otherwise murder or a nervous breakdown would’ve been the order of the day. However in spite of these stressful conditions, the IT Service Desk has to perform miracles every day – just have a look at the past year’s stats:

Jan 2014 

9 798 calls received in Jan 2014,  8 780 (90%) were dealt with. This is the highest amount of calls in 4 years. 

Average waiting time: 1 minute, 6 seconds

Average length of calls: 2 minutes, 17 seconds


 Jan 2013 

8 004 calls received, of which 7 402 (92%) calls were dealt with.

Average waiting time: 42 seconds

Average length of calls: 2 minuts, 12 seconds 


1 378 more calls were handled as the same time span last year.


More information on the IT Service Desk can be found at

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