Free Windows 10 installations

In September we installed Windows 10 on desktop PCs with the right requirements. 

All new asset item PCs purchased through IT will by default be installed with Windows 10, but from 6 March to 3 April 2017 we will also install free Windows 10 software on laptops meeting the requirements. 

The list to the right includes laptops tested by Dell and Lenovo which also has the drivers available to run Windows 10. ONLY Dell and Lenovo laptops in these lists will qualify from free installations from 6 March to 3 April 2017

Keep in mind that, even though we will do the installation, you will be responsible for your own data and for backing it up before the installation takes place.

We realise that many of our clients would love to start using Windows 10, but in some cases, it just won’t be possible due to old hardware and the availability of drivers. It might be possible that a laptop will be able to handle Windows 10 as an operating system, but the drivers could be generic and cause instability. 

If you would like to make use of this free installation and your laptop qualifies according to the list we supply, please send an e-mail to or contact the IT Helpdesk at x4367.


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