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Dangerous phishing scam disguised as a University salary increase notice

With the criminals first partly successful spear-phishing attack in April with an email about a salary raise and directing their victims to go to a forged webpage that looks EXACTLY like the e-HR website, they are at it again with a few variations: 

The subject is now “URGENT: Your May Salary Issue” and says the following: 


In accordance with the Fiscal Year 2017 Salary Allocation Guidelines, this is to inform you that your monthly salary starting May 31st, 2017 will reflect a 13.98% (percent) merit increase.

Your new salary is as analyzed herewith. The documents are attached below: (attached link to the forged website)

This is an EXTREMELY dangerous e-mail, because its earlier version fooled a number of university personnel into giving the scammers their login details and passwords. 

Clicking on the link will take you to a forged version of the SUN e-HR site. If you enter your username and password (because the site looks like the SUN e-HR site), the criminals will have been given access to your personal details on SUN e-HR. 

Here is what the forged site looks like:

Note the forged address marked in yellow at the top. IT blacklisted and blocked access to that site from within the university, but please support them by following the procedures on the following page:




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