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Phishing email: “Password Expiry” from Information Technology

This morning’s attempt at fooling users into divulging personal information like usernames, e-mail addresses and passwords and attempts to disguise itself as an email from the “ITS help desk”

Here is what it looks like: (We have removed the dangerous parts)

From: Karen L. Mcdonah [mailto:spoofed or compromised e-mail address]

Sent: Thursday, 29 June 2017 17:41

To: Karen L. Mcdonah <spoofed mail to disguise the sender>


Your password Will Expire In The Next TWO HOURS Current Mail User Should Please Log On To IT-WEBSITE To Validate Your E-mail Address And Password, Or Your E-mail Address Will Be Deactivated. Thank You.

ITS help desk


©Copyright 2017 Microsoft

All Right Reserve

That is it. The classic signs of a phishing email should be obvious.

  1. Unknown or undisclosed sender.
  2. Disguised to make it look like it comes from a legitimate sender (like Information Technology)
  3. Threatening or intimidating users into doing something quickly without checking.
  4. Poor grammar and spelling.
  5. Encourages users to click on a link in the email (which takes them to a server under the control of the criminals where they are asked to provide usernames, email addresses and old and new passwords)
  6. The phishing server is not encrypted (http:// instead of https://) so passwords and user data are captured in plain readable text.

Here is what the phishing site looks like. It uses a “throw-away” website provider. The criminals will use this site for a couple of hours and then close it once they have obtained their intended victim’s personal data. (which makes it financially very lucrative!)






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