MAILBOX FULL phishing message

A phishing email with the subject MAILBOX FULL has been sent from an internal SU staff member’s account. (See below for example with links removed)

Remember that spear-phishing email always appears to come from a trusted source like a university address and because it might seem to come from someone we know personally, there is a greater potential danger. Note that even if it says Microsoft, there’s no indication of branding. Official communication from IT will always be branded and look the same. Also, note the multiple spelling errors and suspiciously bad language. 

Do NOT click on any of the included links in the email or enter your username or password. You should never do this at any time. If you follow the link and supply your information, it will be used by phishing criminals to gain access to your bank details. 

If you have any inquiries, please let us know by logging a request on ServiceNow or calling our Service Desk at 808 4367. For more information on this and other phishing attacks, refer to our blog and Twitter account.

From: SU Staff, Mev <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:18 PM
Subject: Mailbox Full

Your mailbox is full and you have 3 mails pending. kindly increase the storage capacity of your mailbox account. Increase the storage capacity by clicking below

             storage increase

Fill out the instruction in order to increase the storage capacity to continue using your email account inorder to avoid being disconnected.

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All Right Reserved.

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