PHISHING: “Server Message: Verify your email account”

There is a phishing scam going around disguised as an “e-mail upgrade”. Please do not respond to any e-mail asking you to click on links and provide any sort of personal information, including usernames and passwords.

If you did click on the link of this phishing spam and unwittingly give the scammers your username, e-mail address and password you should immediately go to and change the passwords on ALL your university accounts (making sure the new password is completely different, and is a strong password that will not be easily guessed.) as well as changing the passwords on your social media and private e-mail accounts (especially if you use the same passwords on these accounts.)


Here is an example of today’s phishing scam as reported by several colleagues and students already. (Links have been removed)


From: Mail Administrator [mailto:phishing@e-mail.address]
Sent: Saturday, 23 September 2017 3:37 AM
To: Your University E-Mail Address <> <>
Subject: Server Message:Verify your email account.



Access to your account will be temporarily limited for failing automated security server update.

Kindly upgrade your email with the link below to re-verify account ownership or your email account will be deactivated..
Click here to verify your details.

Thanks for taking this additional step to secure your account.

Email Administrator





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