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A brand new look

In keeping with the University’s centenary celebrations and in an attempt to standardise all our communications for both consistency and safety reasons, we’ve, with the help of Corporate Communication, rebranded all electronic communication sent out by Information Technology.  This includes our newsletter, cyber alerts and notices, for example, change password notifications, internet account statements, etc. 

The new look will also make it easier for our staff and students to recognise official IT communication and only to react to specifically branded messages.

We will never send you an email asking you to verify your account or threaten to close your account. However, remember to still be vigilant and watch out for certain phishing characteristics. If you are ever in doubt of the legitimacy of an email, rather contact us directly to confirm at or x4367. 

Here are the designs to look out for. (downloadable PDF document)

A special thanks to Corporate Communications and Nicolas who worked on the designs.

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