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Access to SUNLearn and other systems

Over the past weekend a number of system failures were experienced. IT staff were called out and attended to the problems from Saturday. The most serious problems included:

• No access to SUNLearn (due to authentication system problems), resolved
• No access to exam venue lookup application on, resolved
• Sun-e-HR authentication problems, resolved

The authentication system errors also had an impact on other systems on Saturday morning. These errors primarily affected access from outside the University campus.

The SUNLearn access problem was a serious concern for students preparing for exams, and was only solved by Sunday afternoon. Although now resolved, a temporary workaround for the exam venue issue was implemented: a list of exam venues was attached to a notification on SUNLearn.

IT apologises for the inconvenience caused by the system failures. For any inquiries please contact the IT Service Desk at 021 808 4367 or log a request on the ICT Partner Portal.



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