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SUNStudent blueprint workshops off to a good start

Over the past few months the SUNStudent implementation team, comprising members from SU, Eiffelcorp and Serosoft, have been conducting and coordinating blueprint workshops to understand and unravel the Stellenbosch University student life cycle process. Existing procedures, processes, and assumptions are being challenged and stakeholders are rethinking and redesigning processes while retaining students as central stakeholders. The journey from being administration intensive to being student-friendly is off to a good start.

Workshop participants are visibly excited, willing to adapt to something new and different and are challenging the status quo. Collaboration, respect, simplification, change and coordination are the key elements emerging from these workshops and attribute to their resounding success.  

For SU the outcome of the workshops is not limited to SUNStudent system requirement’s definition, but also to identify policy and procedure changes and correct process misalignments. For the first time in many years this is possible due to participants from various campuses, faculties, departments, IT and SISO having a focused discussion on capability. 

As facilitator of these workshops, Serosoft is extremely satisfied with the outcome so far. Unravelling the details of capability and completing the requirement definition will help us implement and deliver the best student information system currently used at a South African university.

Article by Team Serosoft

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