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MatiesWiFi discontinued at the end of 2020

From January 2021 MatiesWiFi will no longer be available and all users will be required to use eduroam for wireless connections. (More information on eduroam)

The reason for this change is the necessity to move away from a less secure WiFi option (MatiesWiFi) to a more secure one where your data and identity are encrypted and protected (eduroam)

How to access eduroam if your device is registered

If your device is already registered on US WiFi network, namely Matieswifi or Secure, it will be able to connect to eduroam automatically. Just use your full username ( ) and password to log in. Instead of MatiesWiFi or Secure select the eduroam network on your device’s WiFi settings. In order to access the internet via eduroam, you will still need to open your Inetkey.

Full instructions are available on our Service Catalogue and in this guide.

How to access eduroam if your device is not registered

If your device is not registered for the SU WiFi network please use Registerme to do so. Each device must be registered on its own and you can register up to 5 devices on US WiFi network. Take note that these instructions are only applicable if you want to register your device on the eduroam WiFi network. For other network registration please log a request on our ICT Partner Portal

At the end of 2020 all devices will be removed from the MatiesWiFi network, so please remember to re-registered all your devices to work on eduroam from 2021.

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