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IT HUB – staff welcome

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Why endure the heat to carry your PC to the IT main office on the other side of campus? Rather head straight to the IT HUB in Admin A, just off the Rooiplein where basic services will also be provided to staff.

All equipment will still be serviced at the main IT building, but minor adjustments, for example registering a personal device on the network, passwords, etc. can be done at the IT HUB.

Staff’s personal devices can also be handled at the IT HUB or IT Main building and staff can register 5 mac addresses (e.g. smart phones, tablets and laptops) on the network. These devices will receive limited support at the IT HUB.


Tel:  021-808 4367
Skype: ITStellenUni
E-mail: (for general enquiries) or (to log an error)
Twitter: @itstellenuni

Full instructions on how to log an error are available here. Please supply the correct information otherwise the call will not register on the system.

All our services are listed on our Service Catalogue and if you are brave enough, you can consult our Self-help wiki.


IT: Geared for the future

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Until recently the common perception on campus has been that IT’s main responsibility is the maintenance and support of computers on campus. The people you call when your frustration levels have reached new heights and you have the urge to throw your pc out the window. Fortunately things are changing.

Previously two of IT’s departments, IT Technical Services (ITTS) and IT User Services (ITUS) functioned as two separate entities. However, to ensure that Information Technology stays at the forefront of technology and operates in line with the University’s key aims, the need arose to merge the two departments.

ITTS and ITUS will henceforth function as one department – IT Infrastructure and User Support. The main focus will primarily be Research and Development, Network Infrastructure and Telephone Systems and Hardware and Software Services and Support.

Zenobia Davidse, Hoof: IT Infrastruktuur en Gebruikersondersteuning The responsibility of managing the successful integration of services and continuous support on campus rests on the shoulders of Zenobia Davidse and her team of 26.

With the restructuring the range of focus will also be broadened and moved away from the traditional IT functions. Thanks to technology we can now look at differently at datastorage on clouds in stead of conventional storage on harddrives. More attention will be given to testing of new hardware and software, analysis of users’ technological needs, consultations and selfhelp guides for staff.

IT Infrastructure and User support will become your one stop for any enquiries on e-waste, phone issues, the installation of WAP’s, purchasing and much more.

To improve communication with the rest of campus, faculty representatives will be nominated to speed up problem solving within departments. The additional functions and specialist areas of the various members of the IT staff will also be introduced in Bits & Bytes from now on.


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