Dr Debbie Horsten

Senior Lecturer/Senior Dosent

BComm LLB LLM LLD (North-West University)




Dr Debbie Horsten joined the Faculty as senior lecturer in February 2013.  She completed her LLD in Constitutional Law in 2014 on “The right to access to medicine in South Africa within the international intellectual property regime”. She lectures The Law of Persons and Advanced Family Law.  Her area of interest includes a wide range of topics within the fields of Family Law and Child Law.

Fields of specialisation

Child and Family Law

Areas van belangstelling

Modules taught

Law of Persons

Family Law

Advanced Family Law

Modules aangebied

Publications/ Publikasies

  • Strauss Z and Horsten DA 2013 ‘A human-rights based approach to poverty reduction – The role of the right of access to medicince as an element of the right to access to healthcare’ PER 349-392
  • Horsten DA and le Grange C 2012 ‘The limitation of the educator’s right to strike by the child’s right to education’ Southern African Public Law 509-538
  • Robinson JA and Horsten DA 2010 ‘The quantification of “labour of love”: Reflections on the constitutionality of the discretion of a court to redistribute capital assets in terms of section 7(3)-(6) of the South African Divorce Act’ Speculum Juris 96-117
  • Stewart L and Horsten DA 2009 ‘The role of sustainability in the adjudication in the right to access to adequate water’ SAPL 486-505
  • Stander L en Horsten DA 2008 ‘Die regte van die onderhoudsbehoeftige kind kragtens artikel 29 van die Grondwet teenoor die reg van skuldeisers van die insolvente boedel van die ouer” TSAR 203-221
  • Horsten DA 2006 ‘The role played by the South African Human Rights Commission’s Economic and Social Rights Reports in good governance in South Africa’ PER 1-21


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