Prof Max Loubser

Navorsingsgenoot / Research Fellow

BComm LLB (Stell) DPhil (Oxon)Max Loubser





Prof Max Loubser was vir die tydperk 1977-2011 Professor in die Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid, Stellenbosch. Van 2012 is hy Professor emeritus en Navorsingsgenoot in die Fakulteit. Hy kombineer akademiese skryfwerk met regspraktyk by Cluver Markotter Ing, Stellenbosch, waar hy ‘n direkteur is. Prof Max Loubser was Professor in the Faculty of Law at Stellenbosch for the period 1977-2011. From 2012 he is Professor emeritus and Research Associate in the Faculty. He combines academic writing with legal practice at Cluver Markotter Inc, Stellenbosch, where he is a director.

Akademiese fokusareas

Deliktereg; skuldverjaring; produkte-aanspreeklikheid; skuldlose aanspreeklikheid; onregmatige mededinging; finansieringsregulering en krediettransaksies

Academic focus areas

Law of delict; prescription of debts; product liability; strict liability; unlawful competition; financial regulation of credit transactions

Selected Publications / Geselekteerde Publikasies

 Law of delict:

  • “The Law of Delict in South Africa” (also in Afrikaans: “Deliktereg in Suid-Afrika”) OUP (2009); co-auther and co-editor (with Rob Midgley)- 2nd ed to be published 2012
  • “Delict” – Author of Volume on South African law of delict in Kluwer Law International’s International Encyclopaedia of Law (Tort) 2008
  • Article (with T Gidron) “Liability of the State and Public Authorities in Israel and South Africa”, Loyola Law Review, Winter 2011 (Vol 57) 727-780
  • Chapter on Unlawfulness in the South African Law of Delict: Focus areas in the debate. In Vita perit, labor non moritur Liber memoralis: PJ Visser, LexisNexis Butterworths, Durban, SA 2008 : 117 – 143;
  • Chapter on South African law of delict in Kluwer publication “Introduction to South African Law” (editors CG van der Merwe of the University of Aberdeen and JE du Plessis of the University of Stellenbosch), 2004;
  • Article “Laster: Waarheid en Bewyslas” (Defamation: Truth and onus of proof) in 14 (2003) Stell LR 364-376.


Unlawful competition and related areas of intellectual property law:

  • Quarterly contributions 2002-2011 on developments in the South African intellectual property law, in the Australian journal Intellectual Property Forum, published by and constituting the official journal of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Article  “Principles and Policy in Unlawful Competition: An Aquilian Mask?” in 2000 Acta Juridica 168-195.

Strict Liabiltiy:

Sport and the law:

  • Co-editor (with J Basson) and co-author of book “Sport and the Law in South Africa”  (Loose-leaf, Butterworths (2000); contributor of the chapters “Liability for Injuries in Sport” and “Sport and Competition Law”; co-author and co-editor of regular subsequent updates.

Language and the law:

  • Article “Linguistic Factors into the Mix: The South African Experience of Language and the Law”, 78 Tulane Law Journal (2003) 105, based on a paper delivered at the Conference on Mixed Legal Systems, Tulane University, New Orleans, in November 2002.

Financial Regulation of credit Agreements:

  • Article: “Capitalisation of Interest”, in European Contract Law – Scots and South African Perspectives, edited by Hector MacQueen and Reinhard Zimmermann (2006) 331-366;


  • Article: “Lord Denning” in 12 (2001) Stellenbosch Law Review 3;

Selected Conferences, Papers:

  • Conference on Private Law in a Multilingual Context, University of Glasgow, June 2012; paper on “Private  Law in a Multilingual Context: South Africa”
  • Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa (TRALAC) Conference, Windhoek, Namibia, 2001: “Appropriate protection for Intellectual Property Rights for Countries in Southern Africa”
  • Congress of die International Academy of Comparative Law, Brisbane, 2002: “Copyright and the Information Society: Report on South Africa”;
  • Conference on Mixed Legal Systems, Tulane University, New Orleans, 2002: “Linguistic Factors into the Mix: The South African Experience of Language and the Law”;
  • Conference on European Contract Law: Scottish and South African Perspectives, Edinburgh 2004: “Capitalisation of Interest”;
  • Seminar on Personality Rights and the actio inuriarum – Strathclyde University, Glasgow 4-6 May 2006;
  • XVII Congress of die International Academy of Comparative Law, Utrecht, 16-22 July 2006: Report on South Africa: Session on Pure Economic Loss;
  • Conference on the concept of Unlawfulness/Wrongfulness in the law of delict, Bloemfontein, February, 2008;

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