Prof Bradley Slade


 Associate Professor/Medeprofessor

Dr Slade

BComm, LLB, LLM, LLD (Stell)





In 2012 Prof Slade received the LLD degree for his dissertation entitled “The Justification of Expropriation for Economic Development”. During his postgraduate studies, Prof Slade was a research intern at the South African Research Chair in Property Law at Stellenbosch University. Prof Slade taught at the Faculty of Law, University of Johannesburg, before joining the Faculty of Law, Stellenbosch University, in 2014. Prof Slade lectures constitutional history, basic constitutional principles, and institutional constitutional law. Prof Slade is currently an editor of the South African Journal on Human Rights. Professor Slade het in 2012 die LLD-graad verwerf vir sy proefskrif “The Justification of Expropriation for Economic Development”. Gedurende sy nagraadse studies was hy verbonde aan die Suid-Afrikaanse Leerstoel vir Sakereg. Prof Slade was ʼn dosent in the Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid, Universiteit van Johannesburg voordat hy in 2014 aangesluit het by die Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid, Stellenbosch Universiteit. Prof Slade doseer staatsregtelike geskiedenis, basiese beginsels van staatsreg, en institusionele staatsreg. Prof Slade is tans ʼn redakteur van die South African Journal on Human Rights.

Modules taught

Constitutional Law 271

Introduction to Law 171


Modules Aangebied

Staatsreg 271

Inleiding tot die Reg 171

Fields of specialisation

Expropriation Law

Institutional Constitutional Law

Areas van belangstelling


Institusionele Staatsreg




Journal articles/Joernaalartikels

  • Van der Walt AJ & BV Slade “Public Purpose and Changing Circumstances: Harvey v Umhlatuze Municipality 2011 1 SA 601 (KZP)” (2012) 129 South African Law Journal 219-235.
  • Slade BV “The Less Invasive Means Argument in Expropriation Law” 2013 Tydskrif vir die Suid Afrikaanse Reg 199-216.
  • Slade BV “Addressing the Issue in Harvey v Umhlatuze Municipality in Legislation” (2014) 25 Stellenbosch Law Review 116-125.
  • Slade BV “‘Public Purpose or Public Interest’ and Third Party Transfers” (2014) 17 Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad 166-206.
  • Slade BV Compensation for what? An analysis of the outcome in Arun Property Development (Pty) Ltd v Cape Town City” (2016) 19 Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad 1-25.
  • Slade BV “The law of general application” requirement in expropriation law and the impact of the Expropriation Bill of 2015” (2017) 50 De Jure 346-362.
  • Slade BV “The effect of avoiding the FNB methodology in section 25 disputes” (2019) 40 Obiter 1-11.
  • Slade BV “Towards a clearer understanding of the difference between the obligation to pay compensation and the validity requirements for an expropriation” 2019 Speculum Juris (forthcoming).

Chapters in books/Hoofstukke in boeke

  • Slade BV “Less invasive means: The relationship between sections 25 and 36 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996” in B Hoops et al (eds) Rethinking expropriation law Vol I (2015), Cape Town: Juta & Co.
  • Slade BV & R Walsh “The marginality of property in expropriation law: A comparative assessment” in G Muller, R Brits, BV Slade & J van Wyk (eds) Festschrift in honour of Prof AJ van der Walt (2018), Cape Town: Juta & Co.

Edited volumes/Geredigeerde volumes

  • Muller G, R Brits, BV Slade & J Van Wyk (eds) Festschrift in honour of Prof AJ van der Walt (2018), Cape Town: Juta & Co.


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