Since the 2016 news that Web of Science had been sold, along with other products, to Clarivate Analytics, we’ve been seeing gradual changes in the Database’s design. In December 2017, Clarivate Analytics announced several changes and additions to the Web of Science design and functionality. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced Open Access Filters:
In partnership with Impactstory, Clarivate Analytics has added enhanced open access filtering to the Web of Science database. You can now also find verified, legal versions of hybrid and green open access titles. Using oaDOI technology, WoS displays and links to Gold, green and hybrid open access titles. See Clarivate analytics’ Open Access page for more information.

Simpler Navigation:
A redesign in search results and sorting options make Web of Science a lot easier to navigate. More sorting options have been added, with a drop down list of all sorting options. A record display redesign now offers a clear, easily readable view of document information, with bibliometric information displayed prominently.

Early Access Publications:
WoS now accepts early access articles from Publishers. These are articles that have a static DOI and publication date, but no page or issue numbers yet. They are searchable using the early access document type and are updated once the publication details are available.

Daily alerts:
The WoS Core Collection is now updated daily (Mon – Fri) and now allows you to receive daily alerts as well.

Web of Science Chrome extension:
The new WoS extension allows you to conduct a search in WoS Core Collection or All Databases from within chrome while browsing the Internet.

For more information, see Clarivate Analytics’ What’s New LibGuide