The African Convention of the Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project (GSB) was recently held in Stellenbosch (17.03.2010-19.03.2010). It was the second of a series of 5 continental conventions aiming to provide guidance on the feasibility of sustainable bioenergy production on a large scale as well as implementation paths and policies that foster this outcome.

The organising committee consisted of Prof Lee Lynd (GSB Chair, Dartmouth College),  Prof Emile van Zyl (African Co-Chair, Stellenbosch University),  Prof August Temu (African Co-Chair, ICRAF) and Prof Marinda Bloom (Programme Manager, Stellenbosch University).

Leading experts presented on global and continental issues and discussed the options for sustainability and global challenges for the introduction of bioenergy. Participants were asked to provide their input on a global and African Resolution and on feasibility studies to test the hypothesis that it is physically possible for bioenergy to sustainably meet a substantial fraction of future demand for energy services while feeding humanity and meeting other needs from managed lands, preserving wildlife habitat, and maintaining environmental quality.

See also the Stellenbosch University News Blog for further information. You can also listen to an interview by Prof Emile van Zyl on a local radio station (Afrikaans only). 

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