20th International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels (ISAF)

The ISAF 2013 meeting will take place on 25 – 27 March 2013 at Spier Estate, located between Stellenbosch and Cape Town, South Africa. The meeting will be held on the back of the ISAF Taskgroup 39 (Biofuels) Technical Meeting on 24 March 2013 and provides the unique opportunity for ISAF delegates to interact and enjoy what the Stellenbosch region (the wine heartland of South Africa) has to offer.
The theme for the 2013 meeting is “Alcohol fuels enabling sustainable future development”, with sessions covering the following topics:
1. Production technology developments for sustainable first and second generation alcohol fuels
2. Biorefineries and green chemistry
3. Application of alcohols and alcohol-derived fuels in transport (terrestrial, maritime and aviation)
4. Other alcohols and derivatives (including methanol and ethers) and their role in sustainable transport
5. Alcohol fuels integrated with human needs (heating and food production)
6. Environmental-friendly management of alcohol refining wastes
7. Policy frameworks to enable sustainable alcohol fuel production and use.

The different sessions will include plenary lectures by invited speakers, as well as parallel sessions and poster presentations to provide an opportunity to learn from one another and to embrace the sustainable future development of alcohol fuels. The organizers already attracted prominent international speakers who will communicate the current world trends on alcohol fuels and their role in a developing world. Confirmed plenary speakers include Prof. Sergio Trindade (Director: Science & Technology, International Fuel Technology, Maryland, USA), Prof. Carlos Cruz (Scientific Director: São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil) and Dr. Ibrahim Mayaki (Chief Executive Officer: NEPAD Planning and Coordination Agency).
We encourage those interested in attending the meeting to register and submit abstracts relevant to the topics indicated above. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Stellenbosch.

20th International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels (ISAF)

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