Learn from the inventors of the Tet technology – Free webinar series
The Tet technology is the most widely used method for controlling gene expression in eukaryotes.  In this webinar series we have asked some of the most knowledgeable scientists to share their experience and expertise in the Tet systems.
Professor Bujard and Dr. Gossen are the inventors of the Tet technology and have taken an active part in the continuous improvements which have led to today’s third generation of Tet technology allowing extremely tight control paired with high induction.
Dr. Kai Schönig is a former Ph.D. student of Professor Bujard who has been optimizing the usage of Tet technology for in vivo experiments throughout his career.
Finally Dr. Michael Elser, who has extensive experience in advising and trouble-shooting Tet experiments as a member of Clontech/Takara Bio Europe’s Scientific Support Team, will give his best advice to set-up Tet experiments and to give you a jump-start into the world of inducible gene expression.

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Part 1 – How does it work and what makes gene regulation by tetracyclines a superior choice?
Studying Gene Function by Controlling Expression
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Bujard, University of Heidelberg, Germany
December 4th, 2012, 4 pm CET (Central Europe), 10 am EST (East Coast, US)
Part 2 – What to consider when setting up an in vivo experiment
Controlling Gene Expression in transgenic mice 
Dr. Kai Schönig, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany
December 5th, 2012, 4 pm CET (Central Europe), 10 am EST (East Coast, US)
Part 3 – Conditional RNAi, high throughput screening systems and more
Tet System: selected applications
Dr. Manfred Gossen, BCRT, Berlin, Germany
December 11, 4 pm CET (Central Europe), 10 am EST (East Coast, US)
Part 4 – How get the best results using the Tet technology
Getting started with Tet-induced gene expression – Choosing the right system for your application 
Dr. Michael Elser, Product Manager, Clontech/Takara Bio Europe, France
December 12, 4 pm CET (Central Europe), 10 am EST (East Coast, US)


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