Election of SU Council members kicks-off on Monday

A total of 19 nominations were received for the Council Election of Stellenbosch University that starts on Monday 1 March 2010. Members of the Convocation and donors of the university must elect six new Council members. The Convocation may elect four candidates while the donors of the university should elect two candidates.

After the closing of nominations Prof Russel Botman, Rector and Vice-Chancellor, expressed his excitement about the extensive interest and participation in the nomination process. “It provides the university with an opportunity to strengthen the diversity of its Council, to expand levels of expertise in Council and to be able to consider alumni with an international profile,” he said. Prof Botman encouraged Convocation members and donors to vote in the election. He also reminded current post-graduate students who obtained their undergraduate qualifications at Stellenbosch University that they are members of the Convocation and therefore eligible to vote.

The term of office of three Convocation members, Profs Hermann Giliomee, Lina Spies and Christo Viljoen, expires in April this year. Dr Marie Heese, who was also elected by the Convocation to the University Council, resigned from Council last year. Fifteen Convocation members were nominated for this election, but every member of the Convocation may vote for no more than four candidates.

The Convocation comprises of all graduates of Stellenbosch University and all current and former academic staff members of the university. According to law all South African universities have a Convocation that ensures the input of alumni into matters regarding the University and also provides a statutory connection to its former students.

The donors nominated four candidates for the two vacancies on Council. The vacancies arose from the resignation of Mr Jannie Mouton from the Council last year and the expiration of the term of office of Mr Jacko Maree this year. Donors can vote for no more than 2 candidates. More information about the composition of the electoral college of donors is available at http://www.matiesalumni.net.

The deadline for the submission of votes for Convocation members and donors is 25 March 2010 at 12:00. All ballot papers for Convocation members must reach the Secretary of the Convocation before this deadline. Donors must send their ballot papers to the Registrar. Information about the election and photos of the candidates can be found at http://www.matiesalumni.net.

The term of office for the donors and members of the Convocation who will be elected in March will run from 2 April 2010 to 1 April 2014.