USB-ED establishes new unit for Project Management

USB Executive Development (USB-ED), the public executive development and training company of the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB), has further extended its activities with the establishment of the Centre for Project Management Intelligence.

The new centre follows the pioneering work done by Prof Chris Brown, a well-known academic in project management, which introduced the discipline in 1992 to USB with twenty students. Since then about 9 000 students were taught at different levels in project management at the business school.

Mr MC Botha, Executive head of the centre, said project management at USB-ED is now combined into a unit to provide room for training, supplemented by elements of research and consultancy services to companies and the public sector.

“Our approach at the Centre for Project Management Intelligence is that first-class project management principles, together with other elements of management provide for a successful recipe for service delivery.”

The Centre will be supported by an advisory committee consisting of academics, as well as specialists from the private and public sectors. Sasol Technology will also play an important part in the activities of the centre.

“Project Management can not only be study-guide driven. Project managers are confronted by quick-changing realities in the work place. It is fundamentally about creating synergies between academic training and the work place. This is why the relationship with Sasol Technology is so important to us,” Mr Botha said.

The World Soccer Cup has placed a new focus on project management in South Africa with the country’s ability to provide it timely in the spot light. These projects were completed during a period where economic realities were causing many hardships, which accentuate the country’s achievement.

Whilst South Africa has managed to deliver on the stadiums for the World Soccer Cup, there is still the thorny and political sensitive issue of service delivery to the different communities of the country. The public sector is currently less successful with service delivery, specifically because project management principles are not adhered to. Project management should be high on the agenda if South Africa is to be successful at local level,” Mr Botha said.