Free for SU staff – PowerPoint: Managing your content for an effective presentation

 Can you imagine any dynamic institution not using PowerPoint? You would also have noted, however, that the quality of presentations varies considerably, so the real question is: can you compile an effective presentation?

 On 7 September 2010 the Stellenbosch University Language Centre will be presenting a workshop focusing on guidelines for a successful PowerPoint presentation. Come ask your questions about animation, graphics, font types, layout, content load and textual design to avoid the risk of boring your audience in future. We will cover the basic technical aspects and guidelines of content management for an effective presentation. Our experienced presenters are planning a practical, interactive and fun-filled workshop.

 The cost of the workshop is R1 485 per person, and we can accommodate only 20 participants. The closing date for entries is 27 August 2010. The workshop will be presented in English but a participant-friendly approach is followed by which participants can switch from English to Afrikaans when necessary. Visit our website for detailed information (, or contact Audrey Poole as soon as possible at 021 808 2167 or