Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians

Prof Julie Claassens of the Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University cordially invites you to the launch of the Stellenbosch Chapter of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians.

DATE: Monday 11 October 2010

TIME: 17:00 – 19:00

VENUE: Chapel, Faculty of Theology

A panel discussion will take place on Prof Denise Ackermann’s Festschrift: Ragbag Theologies: Essays in Honour of Denise Ackermann, A Feminist Theologian of Praxis . This discussion will pay tribute to Prof Ackermann’s contribution to theology and will serve as a framework to establish an agenda for the Stellenbosch chapter.

Join us afterwards for a cheese and wine in the foyer.

RSVP: Helette van der Westhuizen, 021 808 2350; before or on 8 October 2010.

The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians is a community of African women theologians who come together to reflect on what it means to be women of faith within their experiences of religion, culture, politics and social-economic structures in Africa.

The Circle seeks to build the capacity of African women to actively work for social justice in their communities by sharing skills and insights with each other. A key discussion point is the complex relationship between gender, religion and culture and how to advance current knowledge by communicating with writing skills.

The Stellenbosch chapter of the Circle invites females (and males who share in the Circle’s objectives) that are pastors, scholars and students in the area to work collaboratively on various writing projects regarding the promotion of gender justice in our church and society.