Cost to company structuring 2011: Available from 15 December 2010

 You have till 18 January 2011 to revise and accept the components of your cost to company on the relevant web page (go to SUN-e-HR employee self service and click on package structuring) on the University’s intranet. The parties involved will thus agree to the remuneration structure as selected by you on the web page. Your acceptance of the composition of the components, and subsequent acceptance of the same by the University’s authorized nominee, shall be recognized as a valid acceptance by both parties of any amendments to the structuring.

 If acceptance is not indicated by way of the intranet, the failure to respond will also be regarded as your acceptance of previous structuring.

 Can you please distribute this notice to the staff members in your department who do not have access to electronic communication?

 Should you have any queries with regard to the above information, please contact your Human Resources officer for details. 

Ewald Wessels
Head: Remuneration