Dont get trapped in ‘Bizzaro’ – the message of Vensters 2011…act responsibly!

The message of responsible alcohol use was the golden thread that was clearly noticeable in all the productions of this year’s ‘Venstersversierings’ street theatre. With this year’s theme ‘Trapped in Bizzarro”, a lot of the productions had a dream sequence as part of their plot.

Ten points if you can guess the inspiration behind this painting?

 The streets of the Stellenbosch campus was teeming with visitors as people came far and near to see this popular RAG event.

 Explosions of colour, music, intricate dance moves and a risqué costume or two was the order of the day. “Vensterversierings”, also known as Vensters and a longstanding Stellenbosch tradition, consists of 10 minute plays held by the various residence pairs. The plays are repeated throughout the night.

 Among the thousands of spectators at this year’s Vensters was Alderman Cyril Jooste, Executive Mayor of Stellenbosch. “The productions that I have seen thus far have been fantastic and the standard has been exceptional. I don’t know how many I’m still going to attend, I’m moving with a group, but I’m enjoying it tremendously,” he said.

 He also said the influx of people into Stellenbosch means a lot to the town and added that he may be a judge at next year’s Vensters event.

 Mr Jimmy Samuels and his wife, Elaine, have a daughter who is a first year in Harmonie women’s residence. “We stay in Stellenbosch, but it is the first year we came to see Vensters. Thus far we have seen three productions and all were very good – the whole evening is very exciting,” Mrs Samuels said.

This takes loads of coordination!

 “RAG is not just an opportunity for first-years to get to know their fellow students and the campus, but also a time during which they are reminded of the greater community out there,” Jana Jacobs, Chairperson of the RAG Committee for 2011 said earlier this month. All the money that is raised by the respective residences and the RAG Committee is donated to Maties Community Services (MCS) every year.

 Another highlight of the annual RAG is the Standard Bank Float procession, held on Saturday 29 January – a colourful and exciting event that brings the whole Stellenbosch community together. Here residences pairs get the opportunity to build floats and parade it through the streets of Stellenbosch. The procession starts at 10.30 followed by the ATKV’s RAG festival on the Braak.

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