Theft of bicycles on campus still troublesome

The USBD is still experiencing many reports of theft of bicycles on campus, especially at the Engineering and Rooiplein area.  Bicycle theft is due to the campus being an open area and students being soft targets.

can provide an added deterrent. Chain locks should be very thick to prevent it simply been cut with pliers or broken with a stone.


U-locks must be fastened to both the bicycle frame as well as the bicycle stand in order to prevent that the bicycle are carried away or transportedxpect to pay more for a decent lock to protect an expensive bike.


 with a vehicle. If you cannot obtain an U-lock and make use of chain locks, wrap the chain tightly around to the bicycle frame and bicycle stand. It will be more difficult to break the chain with a stone.

Students must e

Students are reminded to register their bicycles for free at the USBD office. In case the bicycle is found abandoned or in possession of a suspicious person the bicycle can by identified by the registration number. For identification purposes, students are also advised to keep a record of the bicycle’s serial number, model, colour and any outstanding characteristics.

Information still indicates that suspects pose as students which make them less conspicuous. Report any suspicious persons tampering with bicycles to the USBD at 021-808 2330/2333 immediately. 

Research has shown that making use of a U-lock is the best form of preventing bicycle theft. Students are therefore advised to make use of these locks. Chain and cable locks used in conjunction with U-locks