Elsevier’s Reaxys database training 9 May 2011

Elsevier’s Reaxys database is the successor of the Crossfire Beilstein and Gmelin database. Reaxys is an intuitive, user-friendly, web-based platform to search in Beilstein, Gmelin and The Patent Chemistry Database (PCD) for experimentally validated data on organic, organometallic and inorganic chemistry. Reaxys enables you to search by structure, reaction, text and property data. A new unique feature includes a synthesis planner and is of great importance and relevance to especially synthetic chemists and drug researchers.
Videos: http://www.info.reaxys.com/training-center
Date & time: Monday, 9 May 2011, 14h00-16h00
Venue: E-classroom, Learning Commons (JS Gericke Library)
Fee: Free
Booking: http://www.lib.sun.ac.za/Library/eng/help/Training_Forms/20110509_Reaxys.htm
Enquiries: Elbie van Wyk, tel.: 021 8084399 or e-mail: ejvw@sun.ac.za.