USBD warning: Robbery-related incidents

An increase in robbery-related incidents whereby female students are being targeted are currently experienced. Remember robberies can occur any time of the day or night.

Female students are cautioned to avoid walking alone, especially after dark.

One is always safer when walking in a group, especially at night. Make use of the Green Route. Security officers can escort students. This service is available daily between 20:00 to 05:00. Students are also reminded of the shuttle service provided from 19:00 until 03:30.


Walk confidently, purposefully and at a fast pace. Be observant of your surroundings.  Avoid walking in dark and deserted areas and stay away from shortcuts. Avoid walking in isolated places at night. If you have to walk there, wear something light in colour and carry a torch. You can even carry pepper spray. Pepper spray can be purchased at the USBD, at a cost of R50 each.

If you suspect you are being followed, change direction and walk to the nearest place where there are people and contact the USBD or SAPS immediately.

Know the telephone numbers of the USBD, 021-808 2330/2333 and the SAPS emergency 10111 number. Obtain a good description of any suspicious people and report it to the USBD at 021-808 2330/2333 immediately.