Thefts on campus

The USBD has experienced many reports of thefts on the Stellenbosch campus during the past week. Thefts from inside offices, lecture halls and hostel rooms were reported.

Information was received from another Western Cape University regarding an increase in theft of laptops on its campus. In most cases laptops were left unsupervised in public areas and laboratories.  The possibility exists that a theft syndicate can be involved and they can move from university to university.

Please remember the following tips:

  • Whenever you leave your office, lecture hall or hostel room, lock the door, even if it is just for five minutes. Close all the windows. Even windows with burglar bars, especially on the ground floor.
  • Do not leave office, lecture hall or hostel room keys hidden in an expected area such as under a doormat.
  • Avoid leaving valuable items near open windows. Ensure that windows are also closed during night time as well.
  • When storing valuable items such as a purse or a wallet, lock it in a cabinet.
  • Do not keep large sums of money in your office or room.
  • Do not leave bags, wallets or laptops unsupervised in public areas especially in cafeterias and the library.

Know the telephone numbers of the USBD, 021-808 2333/2330 (Stellenbosch campus) and 021 938-9507 (Tygerberg campus), as well as the SAPS emergency 10111 number. Obtain a good description of any suspicious people and report it to the USBD immediately.