SU welcomes international students

“You are at a good university with a diverse student community. Make the best of the time here academically, socially and culturally.”

With these words, Mr Robert Kotzé, Senior Director of the Postgraduate and International Office at Stellenbosch University (SU), on Wednesday (January 25) welcomed a new group of international students at the University.

Kotzé told them how SU has grown in several areas and said the HOPE Project is an example of how the University uses science for society.

He encouraged students to reach out to the broader Stellenbosch community and to share in what the University and the town have to offer.

“You are here to experience something different and this can add quality to your life,” Kotzé said.

Enoch Teye-Kwadjo (Ghana), Victoria Lockridge (USA), Garrett Warren (USA), Chris Yarnell (USA), Chris van der Walt (Mauritius) and Angel Koh (Hong Kong) at the welcoming function. (Photo: Anton Jordaan)

One student who is excited to be here is Ms Tara Smith of the USA. She will be studying Graphic Design for six months.

“The place is absolutely beautiful, and it is nice to experience another culture and academic environment,” she said.

SU’s excellent research record and the level of development in South Africa were enough to convince Mr Enoch Teye- Kwadjo of Ghana to do his doctoral research in Psychology at the University for the next three years.

Back: Frena Clement (France), Ali-Pacha Morad (France), Muaz Tan (Pakistan), Hannah Novy-Mkensk (USA), Zuang Yue Qian (China). Front: Debroise Romain (France), Ashley Allinson (USA), Abigail Gemin (The Netherlands), Katharine Nyden (USA) and Tara Smith (USA). (Photo: Anton Jordaan)

“SU is one of the top research institutions in Africa,” he said.

Mr Chris van der Walt from Mauritius is looking forward to complete his degree in Accounting at US this year. Chris, whose father is a South African, loves to go on holiday to the Bushveld.

The welcoming programme for international students, which started on Wednesday, ends this Sunday with a trip to Cape Town.