A MAD time for first year Maties at Stellenbosch

First Year students at Stellenbosch (SU) are in for a MAD week on campus. As part of the Welcoming Programme, students will for the first time take part in MAD² (Making A Decision 2 Make A Difference).

MAD² is a student-driven fundraising effort that links directly with the Student Representative Council giving students a direct say in the programme. The programme includes a number of student events with main aim of raising funds for Maties Community Service (MCS). All funds raised by MAD² will be paid over to MCS.

Events (see list below) includes ‘Bondelsport‘ (Mon 30 Jan 18:00 at Coetzenburg), Vensterversierings (Thu 2 February from 19:00), the Community Day (Fri 3 February, March for MADness, (Sat 4 February from 10:30 through the streets of Stellenbosch) and the Community Festival (Sat 4 February from 12:00 at the Van Der Stel sport grounds in Stellenbosch).

“It may seem as if the events are similar to those held by the Maties RAG Committee in the past, but all the events organised by MAD² are tailor-made to link with the University’s Welcoming Programme, explains Ms Angelique Mills, Chief Coordinator of MAD² and a member of the Student Representative Council.

“Maties MAD² wants to present every student the opportunity to have fun, but also to give back to the community. This is achieved by spending less money on the events as such, having fewer time-consuming events and by having less events that take a lot of preparation time.”

More information on the various events

Bondelsport – 30 January

Bondelsport is a long-standing annual welcoming event at Stellenbosch University. This event takes place on the Coetzenburg fields at 18:00. It comprises boeresports held in competition between newcomer students, who participate on behalf of their house. It is a fun-filled event, showcasing each house’s spirit and enthusiasm.

Vensterversierings Street Theatre – 2 February

Vensters is one of the most colourful evenings you will ever experience on Stellenbosch campus, and attracts yearly more spectators than any other MAD² event. The welcoming pairs are given the challenge of impressing spectators and judges with interesting story lines and dance routines – all within 10 minutes! The productions are repeated for the duration of the evening so that the public can attend all of the welcoming pairs’ performances.

The productions begin at 19:00 and end at 23:00. An entry armband costs R10, and is available for sale in the week leading up to Vensters as well as on the evening at the various pedestrian entrances. Your armband is your entry to all 22 productions!

Community Interaction Morning – 3 February

If you have ever wondered where all of the money raised during the welcoming week is spent, then this is the place for you to be! Initiatives of One Stop Service projects as well as Matie Community Service Projects (student-driven community projects) are carried out on this day. The Community day presents newcomer Matie students with the opportunity to become involved with the community.

March for MADness – 4 February

The March for MADness is an exciting event which brings the whole Stellenbosch Community together! Welcoming pairs are given the opportunity to create colourful and original costumes, so as to showcase their welcoming week in the streets of Stellenbosch. Other entertainment will also take place in the march.

This event offers the opportunity to make a contribution towards the MAD² objective, through the donation of any small change into the participants’ tins. The March will begin at 10:30.

Carling Black Label Community Festival – 4 February

On Saturday the 4th of February the Community Festival takes place. This day-long festival includes food and game stalls, as well as musical entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. The festival attracts thousands of people from all over the cape. Come and enjoy this exciting day with good music and friends. The festival will take place from 12:00 onwards. Tickets cost R25 and are available at the entrance.

Boekhoek (second-hand book sales)– opens on 6 February

Boekhoek is a secondhand bookshop with a difference. It provides students with the opportunity to sell their old text books, and for those in need, the opportunity to purchase secondhand text books for peanuts! Furthermore, books which are not claimed (if not sold) within the specified period are donated to several prisons within the Western Cape.

The Boekhoek is open daily from the 6th of February until the 2nd of March between 12h00 and 14h00. The Boekhoek is located on the top floor of the Neelsie.

Coca-Cola Big Bleed – February (after classes have begun)

The Coca-Cola Big Bleed provides students with the opportunity to donate blood and at the same time to earn SMOEG point (the points used to determine the winner of MAD²). This year Big Bleed takes place during February in the VV-Hall on the 3rd floor of the Neelsie. Come and make a difference and save a life by donating blood between 10h00 & 15h30.

  • For any further information visit www.sun.ac.za/sr
  • Click here for a video on Monday night’s “Bondelsport” event.