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Top learners receive SU bursaries

The future looks bright for 50 top-achieving learners who recently received bursaries from Stellenbosch University (SU). According to Ms Beverley Fanella, Advisor at the Centre for Prospective Students (CPS), the bursaries vary from candidate to candidate, with amounts ranging from R32 000 to R40 000. The learners are also offered a place  in residence.  These […]

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Learners’ interest in the sciences given a jump-start

A group of 80 learners from just about every province in South Africa took part in the Maties Science Winter Week during the first week of the school holidays. The event, organised every year by the Faculty of Science, gives high-school learners with an interest in the sciences a chance to learn more about BSc-related […]

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Communication from Council

At its scheduled meeting on 25 June 2012, the Council of Stellenbosch University dealt with the following matters: 1.      Appointment of senior managers The new Vice-Rector (Learning and Teaching), Vice-Rector (Research and Innovation), and Deans of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Law and Engineering were appointed by Council with due consideration of the […]

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Interview with designated Dean of Arts and Social Sciences

Prof Johan Hattingh of the Philosophy Department has just been appointed by the University Council to succeed Prof Hennie Kotzé. He spoke to Stephanie Nieuwoudt about his new post. What are the biggest professional and personal challenges of your new post? For the Faculty I think the biggest challenge of our time is to help […]

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Book examines Khoi-Khoi roots of Afrikaans

Over a period of three decades, the Dutch linguist, Hans den Besten (1948 – 2010), wrote a number of articles on the evolution of Afrikaans and the various influences on the language. He was busy putting his most important writing on the structure and history of Afrikaans into order so that it could be published […]

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Fire safety: Important tips for staff and students

During these colder winter months, we tend to make use of heaters in offices and residences.  These appliances often lead to fires which cause loss of assets, time and lives. These losses can be easily prevented and Risk and Security Services is offering the following tips to prevent fires caused by heaters and overloaded or […]

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How did the rat’s tail plant get its tail?

To make the most of its relationship with animals, a type of iris found on the Cape West Coast called the rat’s tail has developed some funny looks. So says botanists from Stellenbosch University and the University of  Toronto in Canada. The rat’s tail (Babiana ringens) is endemic to the sandy areas within the Cape […]

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Nineteen Erasmus Mundus grantees from Stellenbosch University at the PGIO predeparture orientation

SU students prepare for studies in Europe

Eighteen students and one staff member from Stellenbosch University (SU) have been selected to further their postgraduate studies at leading Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Europe, after applying for one of the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarship programmes*. The nineteen Erasmus Mundus grantees from SU, who will be leaving for their various European destinations as […]

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People in low-cost housing are not being taken care of by authorities

Inadequate sanitation facilities, infectious diseases and environmental pollution put the health of the urban poor living in low-cost housing settlements in Cape Town at serious risk, writes Thashlin Govender in the Cape Times of 22 June 2012. Dr Thashlin Govender is a Program Officer and Director of the Dell Young Leaders Program at the Michael […]

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Department of Afrikaans and Dutch presents Fritz Ponelis Memorial lecture

The Department of Afrikaans and Dutch will hold the Fritz Memorial lecture on 26 July 2012 . Speaker:  Prof  Piet Swanepoel, Department Afrikaans and Theory of Literature, Unisa Title:   Ponelis sintaksis: van skelet na vlees en bloed en senuwee. Venue:    Auditorium, J.S. Gericke Library Date:     Thursday, 26 July 2012 Time:     19:00

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The sun is shining and our fuel future is renewable

New technology in the form of concentrating solar power (CSP) could supply 15 times our current electricity demand, writes Paul Gauché in the Argus of 25 June 2012. Gauché is the Senior Researcher and Director of the Solar Thermal Energy Research Group (STERG) in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University. Click […]

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SU Council makes five senior appointments

Two Deans will now join the Rector’s management team as Vice-Rectors of Stellenbosch University (SU), and in three faculties new Deans were appointed. The SU Council announced the appointment of five senior staff members in its scheduled meeting on Monday, 25 June. The new Vice-Rector (Learning and Teaching), Vice-Rector (Research and Innovation), as well as […]

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Theresa Bieberauer

Stellenbosch alumna shines in high-tech Cambridge

Dr Theresa Biberauer has covered lots of ground in the fields of linguistics since she graduated from Stellenbosch University (Department of General Linguistics). These days she is Senior Research Associate: Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. She is also Director of Studies (Linguistics): Corpus Christi, Downing, Lucy Cavendish, […]

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Stellenbosch University satellite components join the space race

In a groundbreaking move for Stellenbosch University (SU), CubeSat satellite components manufactured by the University’s Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL) will be sold to buyers around the world, for use in cutting edge space programmes. This marks the first time that the University is commercially exporting goods it has manufactured to foreign countries. The CubeSat satellite […]

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AIMS graduates urged to contribute to Africa’s development

The African Institute for Mathematics and Science (AIMS) has awarded Postgraduate Diplomas in Mathematical Sciences to 52 students from 32 African countries at a recent graduation ceremony, bringing the total number of AIMS graduates to 412 since the institute was opened in 2003. AIMS is a centre for education and research in Muizenberg which was […]

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