Travel together and win all the way

If you live within or outside Stellenbosch, and are forever caught in traffic jams and struggling to find parking for your wheels on the overcrowded campus, here is the ideal solution: Findalift, a ride share group for students and staff at the SU. And if you are living in the greater Stellenbosch area or travelling to Stellenbosch by train, you will soon be able to take part in a pilot project which entails travelling to and from SU by shuttle.

“As part of the comprehensive Mobility Master Plan lift clubs and public transport are encouraged as ways of supporting the SU’s commitment to sustainability,” says Dr Barbara Pool, Director: Projects, responsible for the management of the Sustainability Initiative.

The combined use of a range of transport methods, including walking, cycling, campus shuttle services, lift clubs and public transport, is encouraged to establish a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus and town.

Findalift is a private, free, on-line service providing safe lifts for SU’s students and staff. Register for the service on-line on Findalift‘s closed website and get a lift with someone who is travelling along the same route as you. The website is

Students and staff living in Stellenbosch or travelling to Stellenbosch by train can look forward to travelling to and from SU by public shuttle service. The first three routes – between the campus and Onderpapegaaiberg, Botmashoogte and the station respectively – will be tested from 17 September to 17 October 2012. (See details about routes, times and costs below.)

The practical aspects of the service will be tested and refined with a view to expanding the routes in 2013. Pick-up points must for instance be established in consultation with users and comply with statutory provisions. This service will be operated in cooperation and consultation with the local taxi associations and other role players.

Routes and times: This is how it works …

The Matie Bus will operate along fixed routes, with fixed pick-up and drop-off points as well as fixed departure times. Feedback received during the pilot project will be used to refine the pick-up and drop-off points, as well as the departure times. Please note that the Matie Bus may only stop at these points.

Description of pick-up and drop-off points

  Route Pick-up and drop-off point Description
1. Station Administration Building A Parking area in front of Administration Building A
    Station Parking area opposite station
2. Onderpapegaaiberg Onderpapegaaiberg Cnr Flamingo and Kokkewiet
      Cnr Tarentaal and Patrys
      Cnr Tarentaal and Piet-my-vrou
    Administration Building A Parking area in front of Administration Building A
3. Botmashoogte Botmashoogte Parking area in front of Botmashoogte
    Joubert Street Bus stop


Station route: Times

Station to Admin A Admin A to station
07:00 15:45
07:40 17:00
08:15 17:45


Onderpapegaaiberg: Times

to Admin A
Admin A to Onderpapegaaiberg
07:00 12:50
07:30 16:40
13:35 17:15


Botmashoogte: Times

Botmashoogte to Joubert Street Joubert Street to Botmashoogte
07:30 13:05
09:30 15:00
13:40 17:00


 Matie Bus costs

  •        For the duration of the pilot project each trip will cost R5.
  •        Your SU staff or student card will be converted into a ‘wallet’ on which you can load money to use for the Matie Bus. So keep your card in a safe place!
  •        Swipe your card at the card reader as you get onto the bus and the correct amount will be paid.
  •        Distinguish between your Matie Bus account and your card (SU staff or student card):

       First pay a cash amount into your account at the cashier in Administration Building A. A minimum amount of R20 can be paid in, and there is no maximum.

       Transfer money to your card as required. The maximum amount that can be transferred in one go, is R20, irrespective of how much money has been paid into the account.You can transfer money until the balance on your card is R60. This is a security measure to reduce the risk should the card be lost or stolen.