Free for SU Staff: Writing documents in plain language

Stellenbosch University Language Centre will present a two-day work session – Writing Documents in Plain Language – on 10 – 11 October 2012.

Day 1: Plain language drafting

On the first day you will be introduced to the CPA and the role it plays in plain language drafting. The focus will be on the application of the CPA, what remedies a consumer has under the new law, as well as its legal implications for marketing. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding contracting under the CPA and the implications of non-compliance.

Day 2: Writing in plain language

The second day focuses on the practicalities of writing in plain language to ensure user-friendly and client-centred documents for your consumers. Section 22 of the CPA makes it clear which elements need to be taken into account when writing in plain language, and this day of the workshop enables the participants to take a practical approach to the various elements, to apply the elements and to practise rewriting a document in plain language, as specified by the CPA.

Participants are welcome to bring their own material that needs to be rewritten into plain language, as they will have the opportunity to work with these examples.

Registration:  The SU Skills Fund enables a limited number of SU staff members to attend this workshop free of charge. Please contact Audrey Poole for more information. In the event that a staff member sponsored by the Skills Fund does not attend the workshop, the complete registration fee will be charged to that member’s environment.

Further enquiries: Contact Audrey Poole (e-mail:; tel: 021 808 2167)

Closing date for registrations: 2 October 2012