Launch of Mentorship Project within the Registrar’s division

The staff of the Registrar’s Division successfully launched a mentorship project at Lückhoff High School in Idas Valley on Tuesday, 25 September. This voluntary initiative, which is headed by Ghafsa Gamiet, Assistant Registrar: Scientiae was positively received by the Lückhoff High School community.

The idea of a mentorship project originated when the staff members of the Registrar’s Division asked themselves how they could contribute to the SU HOPE Project. It soon became apparent to these staff members that the answer to this question was to be found in their own ranks as they possess ample, relevant information that would enable them to act as mentors to high school learners. Apart from technical knowledge regarding the tertiary teaching sector, they are also familiar with the services other divisions provide to the University. The Division for Community Interaction and the Centre for Prospective Students were thus initially approached to determine how this project could meaningfully slot in with existing interventions. The project is currently also registered on the SU Community Interaction database.

On 25 September the Lückhoff school hall was packed with more than 300 parents and Grade 9 learners. The school had created the opportunity to engage in discussions about subject choices and the Registrar’s Division was afforded the opportunity to introduce the objectives of the mentorship project. Staff members from all faculties, as well as from the Division of Bursaries and Loans and the Centre for Prospective Students also attended the event.

Each learner completed a form to indicate their interest to participate in the project. Their fields of interests were also obtained. The idea is that a mentor from the Registrar’s Division will be allocated to each learner. The mentor will form a three-year relationship with the learner through regular contact and interest in the learner’s academic well-being. The goal is thus to make a difference in the lives of these individuals and to inspire them for future tertiary studies.

The success of the first phase of the mentorship project will determine future roll-out. Should any division or individual want to become involved in the project, please contact Ghafsa Gamiet at