PGIO Senior Director receives award for excellent service to Confucius Institute

Robert Kotze receiving award from CI Headquarters

Mr Robert Kotzé receives his award.

Mr Robert Kotzé, Senior Director: Postgraduate and International Office of Stellenbosch University, recently returned from China as one of the recipients of the Confucius Institute’s Individual Performance Excellence Award.

This award, handed over by representatives of the Confucius Institute Headquarters at the 7th Confucius Institute Conference in Beijing in December 2012, recognises his work and excellent service to Confucius Institutes, successfully rendered in his capacity as Co-Director of the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU).

Since the establishment of the CISU in 2007, Stellenbosch University and the community at large have benefitted from Chinese culture lessons, language acquisition courses as well as lectures on Chinese philosophy and economy. The goal of the close to 400 Confucius Institutes worldwide is to promote the understanding of Chinese culture and the acquisition of Chinese language. In achieving this, the CISU has two directors at its leadership in Stellenbosch: Prof XIE Zuo Xu from Xiamen University in China and Mr Robert Kotzé, from Stellenbosch University.

The award recognises Mr Kotzé’s experience and contributions: promoting the integration of Confucius Institutes into the local university and community, assisting to host the 2012 Joint Conference of Confucius Institutes in Africa, promoting cooperation and communication between Stellenbosch University and Chinese universities, providing good facilities, administrative and logistical support for the CI, organising cultural activities about China and providing overall support to students learning Chinese. Mr Kotzé received a silver medal and a cash prize.

According to Mr Kotzé Confucius Institutes worldwide provide an important platform for developing greater understanding between host countries and China.

“At Stellenbosch the Confucius Institute will continue to actively support the teaching of Chinese in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and the research activities of the Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS). We also hope to increase our involvement in primary and secondary schools in and around Stellenbosch – a project we conduct in close collaboration with the Division of Community Interaction. Confucius Institutes can only be successful when aligned with the objectives and activities of the host institution.”

More information on the Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University can be obtained from the CISU. Contact Allen Luo: 021 808 9158 |

Recipients of awards at CI Conference, BEijing

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